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since 1988
by Cannon, Inc. 


Custom Brick Designs, Engraved Bricks & Pavers, Laser Etched Granite, Original Sculptures and more for murals, memorials, fundraising, donor appreciation, schools, hospitals, non-profits, churches, business and more.

Fundraising for Schools

School Fundraising is easy with memorial bricks. Engraved bricks are an easy school fundraising project, plus one that touches students and donors in a special way. One of our 1992 high school fundraising projects raised over $100,000 for a public high school, looks beautiful, and continues to generate long-term benefits to the community, school and alumni.

Auburn TigersSchool fundraising can be as simple as adding a row of bricks alongside a sidewalk or as complex as having the school logo engraved into brick to make a memorable school entrance. Engraved brick foyers and patios make great school fundraising projects.

Larry Cannon is a brick artist, and can create unique brick sculptures as a centerpiece of the school fundraising project. He also offers Limited Edition Stone Cast pieces in a variety of colors. We've helped pre-schools, schools, colleges and universities with school fundraising projects of all sizes and amounts.

Columbus High SchoolA memorial brick fundraiser will be more than another school fundraising project. It will offer lasting benefits to the students, the community, the school and school alumni.

Larry Cannon has helped schools raise funds with memorial and name bricks since 1988. Contact us for a 'Getting Started' packet to create the unique, memorable, long-term school fund raising project for your school, college or university!

Contact us for more information on fundraising for schools.