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since 1988
by Cannon, Inc. 


Custom Brick Designs, Engraved Bricks & Pavers, Laser Etched Granite, Original Sculptures and more for murals, memorials, fundraising, donor appreciation, schools, hospitals, non-profits, churches, business and more.


Select from the following to view a few examples of donor bricks, granite memorials, miniature replica bricks & tiles, specialty bricks, brick sculptures, cast wall sculptures, ceramic tiles, address tiles, memorials, markers and more.

Fundraising Bricks
Fundraising Bricks

Our pre-tested cermic paver bricks pass a strict list of specifications and last forever.

Miniature Replica Bricks and Tiles
Miniature Replicas

Miniature replica bricks and granite are given out as a token of thanks.

specialty Bricks
Specialty Bricks

Commission Brick Sculpture to design and create your specialty bricks.

Engraved Granite
Engraved Granite

Garnet engraved Granite, Marble and Limestone memorials.

Murals and Wall Art
Murals and Wall Art

Have your logo or mural carved in brick as a wall sculpture for unique wall art.

Limited Edition Sculptures
Cast Wall Sculptures

Unique and original. Cast from the original carving and signed by Larry Cannon.

Multiple Piece Sets
Multiple Piece Sets

Stone Cast sets are suitable for indoor or outdoor spaces. Unique architectural accent.

Ceramic Tiles and Bricks
Ceramic Tiles & Bricks

Indoor or outdoor use available in many colors with a 100% 20 year warranty.

Address Tiles and Bricks
Address Tiles & Numbers

Address markers, tiles or numbers can truly enhance your home or business.

Pet Memorials and Markers
Memorials & Markers

A memorial or marker is a meaningful way to remember pets and loved ones.