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since 1988
by Cannon, Inc. 


Custom Brick Designs, Engraved Bricks & Pavers, Laser Etched Granite, Original Sculptures and more for murals, memorials, fundraising, donor appreciation, schools, hospitals, non-profits, churches, business and more.

Fundraising for Non-Profits

Fundraising for non-profits can be a challenge. A memorial brick project is a moving, effective, and simple fundraising project for non-profit groups.

It's a simple way to raise needed funds. Simply decide how much each personalized brick or tile will cost. People donate that amount to participate in a moving tribute to the cause about which they care.

Fundraising for non-profits with memorial bricks can continue year after year. Simply expand the project by adding more bricks.

Specialized brick placement, text or graphics can honor different levels of fundraising for the non-profit project.

One of the added features of memorial bricks is that benefits continue to acrue to the cause long after fundraising for the non-profit is completed. Many years later, donors, patrons and their families and friends will still have a lasting tribute to their participation in the group.

Fundraising for non-profits can receive a beautiful, lasting tribute that will enhance community pride and group participation, but successfully achieve needed fundraising for the non-profit.

Since 1988, we've helped many non-profit groups raise needed funds with memorial bricks. We've advised and assisted in fundraising for non-profit groups as diverse as sports teams to hospitals, and everything in between.

Contact us for more information on fundraising for non-profits.