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since 1988
by Cannon, Inc. 


Custom Brick Designs, Engraved Bricks & Pavers, Laser Etched Granite, Original Sculptures and more for murals, memorials, fundraising, donor appreciation, schools, hospitals, non-profits, churches, business and more.

Lasting Benefits

A donor wall is an easy way to raise money. You simply pick a project, have a group of donors buy a brick, order the bricks and have them installed. It's not that hard.

The benefits go on and on.

1992 Donor Wall

Columbus High School Donor WallSusan Bryant is the current principal of Columbus High School in Columbus Georgia where one of our earlier projects, a 1992 brick fundraising donor wall, raised funds for school contruction and landscaping. In an interview in 2005, she pointed out that the donor wall gives donors a sense of ownership long after the fundraising project is over. Their wall gives donors a sense of belonging to the school or group that lasts for years, and a sense of ownership that extends to their family and friends. " There's my brick, there's my father's brick".

While the school itself suffers occasional graffiti, the donor wall has never had any graffiti or vandalism , even though it's down the hill from the school, and on the corner of two roads. Alumni come back to see the donor wall, and have taken charge of various maintenance projects. She is very pleased with the sense of community and school pride that the donor wall has given the school.

Donor Wall - Great benefits - for FREE!

The wall was basically cost-free to the school, plus it solved the need for a retaining wall, it raised over $100,000 during an economic downturn, and has engendered alumni, school and community pride that grows each year.

Contact us to find out how your school or organization can have an effective donor wall fundraising project!