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since 1988
by Cannon, Inc. 


Custom Brick Designs, Engraved Bricks & Pavers, Laser Etched Granite, Original Sculptures and more for murals, memorials, fundraising, donor appreciation, schools, hospitals, non-profits, churches, business and more.

Donor Appreciation

A donor plaque recognition program is a meaningful, cost-effective and simple way to offer appropriate donor level recognition. Engraved brick, granite or marble can commemorate loved ones, honor groups or individuals and enhance a public space. Different sizes of tiles, under different contribution amounts are a moving tribute to those honored.

A donor wall recognition program is effective on both indoor and outdoor walls, and offers a tribute that will last many generations. One of the simplest programs is to simply remove several parts of a sidewalk in front of a museum, government, civic, school or church building and substitute bricks or tiles. Parks, walkways, terraces, corridors and floors are some of the places we've placed engraved brick and tiles.

Brick Sculpture by Cannon has been a 'donor recognition company' since 1988. See our Portfolio page for some of the custom art work we've designed and developed as centerpieces for donor recognition and fundraising programs. We can inscribe names, saying, or even logos on bricks - an excellent tribute to corporate sponsors.

Marble, tile or brick engraving is beautiful, requires virtually no maintenance, lasts a lifetime and can be a centerpiece of an on-going donor recognition program that lasts for years. Tiles or bricks can be added at any time for an effective, on-going fundraising or memorial program.